Wall Art



When designing your wall art we will create unique pieces that are specifically designed to complement your home. This applies to shape, size, arrangement and selecting the right images to work with your colour scheme.

There are many different choices to be made when choosing your wall art so that it reflects your style and the style of your home. We have a wide variety of products and frames ranging from ultra-modern acrylic pieces to beautifully rustic wooden frames. Below you will see different options for these two popular styles and everything in-between.

Bubble wall


The ‘Bubble Wall’ consists of 3 different sized birch spheres and is great if you have multiple pieces you would like to display together. The images are typically matched by colour tone so they work well together almost as one piece.

This option is especially good for returning clients who have had various shoots at different stages, for example, newborn, sitter session and one year old. It gives the opportunity to choose an image from each session and show them alongside each other in a unique circle arrangement.

The birch spheres have a beautiful 18mm thick natural edge and are scratchproof, waterproof and are also protected from UV fading. The natural, clean finish means that this product suits countless styles of photography and interior.

They can also be bought individually giving you the opportunity to display them in alternative ways as shown below or just as a single piece. We also offer stunning acrylic pieces which work amazing with this style of photography. The acrylic sphere's are a show stopping, high gloss and modern alternative to the more rustic birch sphere's. The photographic prints are mounted to crystal clear 5mm acrylic to create a clean and sleek product to show of your images at their highest quality.

Birch Blocks


The regtangular birch blocks are perfect for those pictures that don’t quite work as a circle, making the most of the whole image to create one big statement piece.

Although it is nice to have one big statement piece, it is also not easy to choose just one, therefore below we have shown how to combine multiple smaller pieces to create one stunning piece that is just as effective.


They can be a combination of the same shape to create a perfectly symmetrical combination, or a mix of square/rectangle shapes for a more irregular, eye catching result.

There are also options if you happen to choose an odd number of images, they can be arranged in a linear style running horizontally, as shown below, or vertically depending on what works best in the space they will be displayed in.

The Birch blocks are just as beautifully made as the sphere blocks, with the option to have ‘weathered’ edges which gives the overall look a more rustic feel. They are hung by stainless steel fixing plates with foam protectors meaning your walls will not be damaged in any way by these products.

Multi Aperture frames


We also offer multi aperture frames which can include as many as 13 Photos. These are great for sessions such as the cake smash which have multiple settings so you can include a bit of everything, or if you simply can’t choose!

Handmade Wooden Frames 


Our wooden frames are all handmade from reclaimed wood meaning no two frames are alike, and can also be made to measure. These frames enhance your picture and bring a natural and rustic feel to your home if this is more your style.