Wedding Albums



I strongly believe that a photograph is not a photograph unless it is printed. Tell the story of your day with a beautiful handmade album, allowing you to re-live your wedding day again and again.


All of our wedding albums are hand designed and custom made specifically to suit you and the style of your wedding, from the type of fabric and engraving to the box they are kept in.


Our album styles range from classic to modern or rustic with cover choices such as linen, leather or wooden, with different colour options available. These can all be beautifully engraved with text of your choice.

The albums lay completely flat with double page edge-to-edge panoramic printing, creating a perfect and seamless look for each and every page, giving the opportunity to display images beautifully across a full spread.

Linen albums


The classic linen album is a sleek and elegant album that comes with a matching linen box and a wide range of colour choices to suit your day.

Silver, gold or colourless engraving is also an option for the cover of your album  to add the perfect personal touch.

Leather albums


Much like the linen albums the leather albums come in a wide variety of colours to match your day perfectly. There are two options for the type of leather, micro leathers or the premium leathers, both shown below.

Micro Leather

Premium Leather

Wooden albums


The wooden albums are a unique way to display your wedding pictures and give more of a rustic feel. The front of the album is wooden and the side and back are covered with a linen or leather fabric of your choice.

The wooden box is perfectly matched to the album and can be either engraved or printed in white text of your choice.

The wooden box is also available to mix and match with the linen and leather albums if you are looking for something a little different, this creates a gorgeous contrast between your album and box helping your album to stand out that little bit more.

Parent albums


We also offer smaller versions of your album called parent albums which are perfect gifts for those special family members. They can either match your wedding album or you can pick different fabrics and styles from the same options explained above.

There is also the option to add a box with the parent albums.